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10 Easy Card Tricks for Beginners Revealed

Easy Card Tricks for Beginners

Easy card tricks are not necessarily bad card tricks kids. You don’t need to be an expert in sleight of hand to impress with a deck of cards, and this list of easy card tricks for beginners will go a long way to proving it!

Even if you are a virtuoso with a deck of Tally Ho’s in your mitts, this list should take you back to basics and give you some ideas you had either forgotten about, or didn’t know existed.

So work your way through this list of easy card tricks for beginners, taught in step-by-step videos by my YouTube’s best card trick teacher, Mismag, and revamp your stale old card routines with some new ideas!

1. Memorise a Deck…

This is a clever little magician-fooler and a chance to pretend you’re rainman. There’s plenty of variations on this plot, but this one is good fun and will be really hard for a spectator to unravel.

2. Using the force…

Easy card tricks should use easy card forces, and this one uses two of my favourite simple forcing ploys, both the hindu-force, and the ‘flip-deck’ force. You will find a million uses for both these ideas, even if you don’t use the trick!

3. Location, Location, Location…

This easy card location trick had me stumped, and I have no doubt it will baffle your spectator. The coolest location trick you can learn in 5 minutes!

4. Let the cards do the work…

Sometimes in life you might feel a little lazy. Why not try a self-working card trick? You literally can’t get it wrong.

5. Psychological Mind Trickery…

This is pretty sharp and what’s nice is that you’re doing exactly what you say you’re doing. A great way to look like you’ve got the skills of Derren Brown.

6. Four Aces…

Four ace tricks are normally the stomping ground of pro’s, but this will allow you to utilise them without spending years learning sleights.

7. Deck Divination Mentalism…

This is a maths based mentalism trick. It requires some set-up but will convince anyone of your psychological powers if you can pull it off. Totally clean and baffling.

8. The Lie Detector…

This is the ‘Tell The Truth’ trick by Andy Fields. Its a clever trick and framed as a lie-detector test you’ll be able to have lots of fun with it.

9. Predict the Future

You can’t beat a good prediction trick. This one is pretty simple and neat. Utilises the ‘one-ahead’ technique.

10. Mathemagicians…

If you like a bit of maths in the form of an easy card trick, this one us for you.

So there you have it kids. 10 easy card tricks for beginners revealed, ready to put into your routines. They are all different and varied in their approach, so hopefully you can take some value from the list and you’ll use at least one of them in future! Who know’s, perhaps one of these will become your signature trick in the future!

If you want to take your card tricks further, we recommend picking yourself up a copy of The Royal Road to Card Magic.  It will give you a comprehensive and well paced course that will take you from the easy to perform material through to more complex sleights and pieces.

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