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How to Read Minds Like Dynamo

How to read minds like dynamo

Dynamo: Magician Impossible?

With series two of the ever successful Magician Impossible fast approaching on Watch TV, I’ve been receiving a lot of enquiries about how this young scally does his brand of mind reading. People want to know how to read minds like Dynamo.

What I can’t do here is reveal every method Dynamo has ever used, but I’ll try and give you something of an overview.

Is Dynamo a fake?

A lot of people ask me ‘Is Dynamo a fake?’ Well, it depends what you think of as fake. I think when lay people ask how to read minds like Dynamo, they are expecting some incredibly intricate muscle-reading advice to do with shrinking pupils, throat movements, or micro-expressions. The truth is, these things have no bearing on what Dynamo does.

Dynamo Revealed: How to read minds like Dynamo

The first thing to remember is that Dynamo is a magician. He does tricks. He isn’t a psychic, and he doesn’t have any supernatural powers. I repeat: he simply does tricks. Most magicians these days, Dynamo included, would let you have that ‘reveal’ for free. Audiences are too smart to buy into supernatural explanations these days, perhaps with the exception of Sally Morgan fans!

The second thing you need to bear in mind, is that on TV magic shows, we don’t usually see the whole process. I’m not saying Dynamo uses stooges (though Criss Angel certainly does!), but there is almost always another layer to the mind reading tricks he does, where he either obtains a piece of information from the spectator without their knowledge, or (less likely with Dynamo) psychologically suggests something to them.

If you want to learn how to do these kind of tricks, there is an essential book list here.

The cameras roll and Dynamo can appear to simply look inside the mind of a spectator and tell them something impossible. Their reactions are no doubt genuine, as of course the methods used to gain the knowledge required.

So if you want to know how to read minds like Dynamo or Criss Angel, you’re asking the wrong question. What you really want to know is How to become a magician.

To find out more about Dynamo and to study his performances, you should definitely pick up a copy of his DVD series from Amazon (below).

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